BFF Friday…

It’s not every day you get to conquer the world with a teammate. It’s not common to work with your bestie and collaborate ideas with someone who already knows everything about you! But, we build together and help each other grow in life and in business. I’m not going to lie, it’s a balancing act to both have full time careers and manage our side hustles but we pick up each other’s slack behind the scenes very often. As you know, Shanell, my bestie manages a style blog called Shanell Avenue while I own and operate an online boutique called Sojourn Boutique. Blessed by the fashion Gods with an eye for style, Shanell is very organized and type A while my free nature is artistic and type B. What you all don’t know that Shanell works behind scenes with my vendors and Instagram posts while I manage her blog themes and selection.
Not only does she help me sort out my normal life issues with boys, travel, balancing work, and play, but we pray for each other, motivate each other, and convince each other not to give up very often!
In the featured photos Shanell was gracious enough to allow me to interrupt one of her photo sessions and shoot some bestie boss pics together!
Our motto is to share ideas with each other and motivate other women to as well.
So here’s, to having girlfriends, working hard, praying harder and supporting each other fully!
Happy BFF FRIDAY from us to you! 💋
(Thank you Cara Alwill Leyba for inspiring us and creating BFF Friday. Also thank you Jenna Sparks for letting us borrow her talent behind the lens)


Guest post by Kristin Colangelo (Owner of Sojourn Boutique)

Photos by Jenna Sparks. Follow her on Instagram




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