When You’re a Model but Not…

The coolest part about fashion blogging, aside from styling yourself, are photo shoots.  I’m grateful to work with a talented photographer regularly, who really makes me feel like a model.  In today’s media some people might say I could pass for one (I’m no Gigi), but a few years ago the thought of a 5’1 curvy girl with stretch marks on her thighs modeling was unheard of.

This got me thinking… are fashion bloggers the new models?  With mainstream curvy super models like Ashley Graham paving the way for women who aren’t a sample size, we could be onto something.  In all seriousness, I’m not a model, nor am I trying to appear as one.  However, the idea of real women with real bodies styled well is absolutely why I love to blog!  I mean to each their own, but in a society incased in so much plastic surgery and enhancers becoming more and more readily available and mainstream, I love to see women with real bodies wearing the latest styles with pride.  The reality is, I’m definitely not a model… but if someone were to mistake me for one, I’m not correcting them.  😉


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Top:  fab’rik  | Shoes:  Nordstrom

Photos by Jenna Sparks. Follow her on Instagram @jenna.sparks.photography.

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